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Edward; why I haven’t posted about this book before I don’t know. I’ve given B.B.C. radio interviews on each of the history and reincarnation aspects of Edward, but not posted here till now!

If you want to know how a modern lawyer found the truth about Henry Tudor, or how a very special boy could have changed history, and found the Grail, read this book.

A bit more than a historical romance, though it is that, it’s the biggest study I know of regression to a single past life. The history is important.

Yes, you can buy it at Amazon or Smashwords, there are links on http://www.edwardstafford.co.uk


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Solicitor, teacher, now retired. In this unnatural state of idleness I write, fortunately I have a few things to say.Education: P.G.C.E. from Keele, Masters from Birmingham.Author of EDWARD, see http://www.edwardstafford.co.uk

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