‘Eggless’ Chick Hatches Inside Mother Hen and Survives but Kills Mother

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An amazing little baby chick defied all odds in Sri Lanka recently by hatching inside its mother and surviving. The “eggless” chick was born looking fuzzy, like chicks do after they hatch, and has been found to be normally formed and healthy by veterinarians. Sadly, the mother hen died during the traumatic ordeal from internal injuries.

Because the egg was incubated inside the hen for 21 days instead of popping out like a normal egg and incubating in the nest, this is an extremely rare occurrence, to say the least. P.R. Yapa, the government veterinary officer in the area, says he has never seen anything like it. In other words, he has never seen the chick come before the egg.

After further examination of the mother hen, who did not fare as well as her offspring, the veterinarians discovered that the fertilized egg had indeed developed within the hen’s reproductive system. For some reason, however, and to the dismay of the mother hen no doubt, it stayed inside the body until it hatched. The plucky “eggless” chick was born without its shell and ready to start living its little life to the fullest.

Chick that was born without an egg (© Manula Kumarage/BBC News, http://aka.ms/egglesschick) Photo Source: MSN

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