Eggs On Sale At Kroger

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Check out Kroger’s ad for this week!


Medium eggs are 2 for a $1 (with your Kroger Plus card), now that’s a deal! Since the egg recall recently I know we are all a little scared to pick up a carton of eggs, but now is actually the best time to eat eggs. With all the quality concerns the inspection of eggs is sky high. Enjoy those eggs! What to make with those eggs? Thought providing a few recipes would be helpful, so I choose 2 for breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.


Other than your regular, fried eggs or scrambled eggs why not try an omelet or a breakfast casserole. The great thing about these choices is you can customize them for you and your families taste. You can also use up that left over ham or cheese to make a delicious breakfast!


Eggs for lunch, who would have thought? It can be done! One would the classic egg salad sandwich, again customizable for your taste. Breakfast burritos are great for lunch too!


Other then breakfast for dinner, which in our house we call Brinner, make something that doesn’t seem like you were trying to use up those eggs before they expire. How about a Quiche? There are so many recipes for any type of Quiche you could imagine, and if you don’t find one you like out there, create your own! Another idea is <!–LINK REMOVED –>Tex Mex Scrambled Egg Tostadas<!–END LINK REMOVED –>, now that’s a twist on Mexican night!

Regardless what you decided to do with your eggs, pick some up and enjoy them while they are on sale!

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