Egotastic: Naked, Nude Natalie Hall, Emily Browning, Kate Bosworth; Breasts, Crotch Shots and More

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Egotastic has photos of Natalie Hall, Emily Browning and Kate Bosworth completely nude. You’ve never seen these women this naked and you may never see them showing this much breasts, crotch shots or skin again. What can you say about an actress who’s dedicated to her craft? Well, you can say thank you!

Natalie is best known as a soap star on All My Children but all her fans are getting to see a new side of her now: a naked side that shows off her crotch. Emily has done a series of movies but never gone completely nude in any scene. And, Kate thrills her fans time and again. This time she goes topless and shows off her breasts and nipples.

It’s always surprising to see child actresses grow up into such lovely young women. It makes staring at them naked seem taboo. Natalie Hall, Emily Browning and Kate Bosworth already have a legacy of talent and films behind them. Going nude and showing off their breasts, butt and crotch is just another step towards Oscar gold. However, not every actress has to undress to get nominated, just ask Jennifer Lawrence, who’s managed to stay mostly clothed in her films.

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