Egypt: Over 1000 Prisoners Escape and Flee Amid Chaos

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Prisoners escape jails in Egypt as police have virtually disappeared among the chaos. Hundreds of Muslim militants have escaped along with the other prisoners, thanks to gangs who opened the jails. In the predawn hours of Sunday morning, at least four jails in Cairo were attacked and opened by armed gangs. Bystanders watched as the escapees fled into the streets.

The Egyptian Army has poured on to the streets with armored vehicles but has appeared to be taking little action against armed men who were smashing cars and robbing people. Police stations have been abandoned all over the country. However, the Army appeared to be taking stronger action across Egypt to protect government buildings and museums.

While most of the people in Egypt condone the protest to remove their president, Hosni Mubarak, many are beginning to fear the chaos and looting. Some are taking to the streets with clubs and white arm bands to protect their neighborhoods. When prisoners escape, the tensions worsen.

No one seems to have gotten a handle on what will happen with so many Muslims militants being freed. Evidentially it is too early to for any information on those involved in the prisoner’s escape. Many want Egypt to maintain a modern society without fundamentalist extremist being in control, however, can this happen as the result of such anarchy and chaos?

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