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Egyptian protests continue as nearly 70 deaths in Egypt have been blamed on the outbreak in violence stemming from the public’s anti-government conflict with Hosni Mubarak. This is a Live Blog.

Friday marked the largest escalation of the ongoing protests in Cairo since the Day of Rage in the country. Throngs of protesters took to the streets in a demonstration of their discontent with the current authoritarian rule of the sitting president Hosni Mubarak, according to the Huffington Post.

As the rest of the world moves along with product developments in technology, health care, financial markets, and economic bliss, the people of Egypt have had enough of the age-old practices of a government, which has oppressed its constituents.

The growing disparity of income for the haves and have-nots has sparked the largest Egyptian protests in years. The trouble with these mounting protests in Egypt involves the senseless loss of life at the hands of the military.

Currently, nearly 80 lives have been lost in the wake of the Egyptian protests. As the people of Egypt demand the ouster of Mubarak, more lives continue to be lost and countless others are suffering debilitating injuries.

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