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Eight Years Nigh On – Thank you, Thank You

Eight years, nigh on, since I began contributing to Gather and meeting a community which would become a huge milestone in the journey of writing as it has become for me.

I came to Gather by invitation of friends with whom I was writing on the internet, mainly Yahoo Groups. Sadly, those friends chose not to stay in Gather but I made many new friends and at the end of 2006 when I travelled to the UK I met one Gather Friend in person in the city of London. She too has long left Gather. But it was exciting and enriching and though geographic distance remains enormous, cyberspace distance has not that overwhelming aspect. It is an exciting place to be. Thank you Gather for our tiny bit of cyberspace.

Gather worked differently back then and often when I posted directly into another person’s (owner’s) group that writing disappeared if the group was disbanded. Much of the technology was beyond me but what worked so excitingly was the comment bubbles and the fact that we could respond in kind through immediate notifications. These notifications disappeared about a year ago, a time when activity was, it seemed, at a premium for me and my groups.

But I cling, and that Gather is still available, albeit somewhat changed, is still a very good reason to cling. It is the space in which I am most comfortable working on line in that it is reasonably immediate. True,we have to search a little more now we no longer have the precious notifications for each posting we chose to follow but it has not put me of continuing to follow and participate to the best of my ability. I could do better but I intend my little essay to be positive for us all so I will step aside from any negative hand slapping of self for the moment and say thank you to those who are so constant. You are treasures; as a dear friend of mine would say, ‘your blood is worth bottling’. I thank each of you who post your writings, ideas and encouragements. And thank you for any corrections and misgivings. These are tremendously helpful in the learnings to be so gleaned with each mistake I’ve made or which bring fresh light to bear on a topic. I cherish the friendships, the tremendous efforts of the editors who so graciously give us challenges; those who share of their interests, their families and their lives with such goodwill. And thanks you, a thousand times thank you to the owners and the whizz kids who devised such a place and for those keeping it going. To Connie and all editors past and present thank you. And so I’ll top of with a poem I wrote way back…. yes long before Gather began but still for all who’ve touched me on my humble journey. And yes many of you will have seen this poem.  This time it’s for you all….


You Touch


You touch my hand in passing.

Smile the truth of my trust in you.


You touch my hand in passing.

I address and cherish the moment,

‘Till next

You touch my hand in passing.


Benita H. Kape (c) 1979






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