Elderly Couple Exposed Having Sex in Parking Lot

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According to Digital Spy, police say that an elderly couple in Sonora, CA were cited for having sex in the parking lot of a local restaurant on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 13. Linda Titus, 72, and Gary Wells, 62, were found naked and “sexually engaged” in the back of a parked car by police after members of the public complained about the randy seniors.

The couple’s rendezvous was in full view of the BBQ’s customers as they walked to and from the restaurant.

So, does the 10-year age difference make Titus a cougar? Wells may be one of the few boy toys over the age of 60. One also has to wonder if the couple actually intended to be seen, considering the fact that it was right in a high traffic area during broad daylight.

Titus and Wells were ticketed for indecent exposure.

Reactions to the couple’s behavior were mixed.

Owner Rachael Shevlin was quoted by the Huffington Post as saying, “It gets hot back here and it was obviously getting hot out there,” and then remarked laughingly, “I mean, in the middle of the day too. What?”

Someone else said, “Seventy years old? I hope I’m doing that when I’m 70.”

“That’s just weird,” responded another. “I don’t know, that’s all I can say about it”.

It may be embarrassing for Wells, who is said to be a regular customer of the BBQ, to return to the restaurant after this. One thing’s for sure: the lovers need to find a new make-out spot. Waiting till after the sun goes down might a good idea, as well.

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