Eleanor Calder: Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend Reaches Impressive Milestone

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Eleanor Calder is the beautiful brunette girlfriend of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson, and she is very well-liked by 1D fans, known as “Directioners.” In fact, more than a million of Louis’ Directioners are also fans of Eleanor. Miss Calder has reached an impressive milestone, attracting more than 1 million Twitter followers!

Eleanor just realized how many followers she has gained and tweeted, “Just seen that there’s a million of you following me…crazy! Just shows how successful Louis and the rest of the boys are :) thankyou xx

Eleanor’s modesty in itself is perhaps what Directioner’s find so attractive about her. Aside from her outer beauty, Eleanor Calder’s inner beauty always shines through.

Rather than be jealous of her, many of Louis Tomlinson’s fans seem eager to see Louis and Eleanor tie the knot, which was evident when false rumors were swirling just weeks ago, when they were vacationing in France, that the two were engaged. Louis’ mom has also said that she would love to have Eleanor Calder as her daughter-in-law.

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