Election Mayhem: GOP Inspectors Replaced by Black Panthers in Philly?

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Across Philadelphia, court-appointed Republican election inspectors are being tossed out of polling sites, and possibly being replaced with members of the New Black Panther Party!

GOP monitors were forcibly removed from 15 stations in the City of Brotherly Love Tuesday morning, and Democrats were put in their places. What’s more, Black Panthers have appeared in some Philly wards, intimidating citizens as they walk into the buildings. Were the panthers invited by Democrat officials, or did they show up on their own?

If the process is fair, both GOP and Democratic monitors should be allowed in the buildings on Election Day. Why are only Republicans being ejected?

Philadelphia politics is extremely corrupt to begin with, but it may reach a new low today. Up for grabs are Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, and the candidates are running neck-and-neck there, according to internal polling. Barack Obama needs Philadelphia to save him in the state, because he’s fairly unpopular everywhere else.

Eric Holder should have been impeached for not prosecuting the Philadelphia Black Panthers from the 2008 election fiasco. That was a clear case of voter intimidation. Can you imagine showing up at your polling place, and Black Panthers are standing out front, wielding truncheons? How would you react?

And, because they weren’t punished last time, they’ve shown up again, but at least they left their billy clubs home this time.

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