Elementary school bans ‘God Bless the USA.’ Now what? You choose the best words!

Stallbrook Elementary Schol decided that the word, God is offensive, so “God Bless the USA” would now be sung without the word, God.  I think they came up with “We love the USA.

Now, that’s nice, but Lee Greenwood didn’t appreciate the change, and the principal said that there would be no song. Well, that didn’t work so last I heard the school kids will now be allowed to sing the words, “God Bless the USA.”

I personally  love when people find God offensive. No one complains when foul language or violent language is used, so how is God offensive?

Okay, let’s play a game, take the line “God Bless the USA” and change it to what ever you like. I thought the principal did a fine job with “We love the USA.” Too bad though it didn’t fly. Atheists need to understand that most of us in the USA and the world love God. We may not be perfect at loving God, but most of us whatever our belief is love God.

So get over it.

In the comment box, you may like to give it a try to substitute your own line for “God Bless the USA.” It might be amusing.

How is:

Obama rules the USA?

Liberals and atheists may find that one more pleasing. Now, it’s your turn.




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