Elephants Storm India, Killing One and Injuring Others

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Two wild elephants stormed a town in India killing at least one man and injuring numerous others. The small city, which is called Mysore, was left very sore indeed after the animal’s rampage.

“The two elephants entered our city and started stomping over everything that came in their way…One of them even entered a market place and crushed a man to death within minutes,” according to a witness

The two tuskers came into the Indian town from a nearby forest and went on a destructive rampage across the town, trampling people, head-butting cows and even trying to climb a fence! Though the animals may be at fault for coming into the city and causing mass panic, it’s not as if the elephant is a naturally angry animal that is looking to do damage and injure people. They are losing their habitat and need to go into populated areas to get food, thus they often find their way into cities. The noise and chaos that the pachyderms found in the Indian city probably agitated them, causing the deadly rampage.

Tussle: One of the elephants also attacked a cow as it caused havoc across the city

“Unregulated expansion of farm lands and increasing movement of people and transport vehicles through the elephant corridor are making the wild jumbos enter into villages and towns in search of food and shelter,” said an Indian official.

The poor animals – and people – were not at fault here. This rampage sheds light on a bigger issue and that is the fact that humans are encroaching on the habitats of wildlife more and more. Where do all the animals go when humans build on their land? They have to go somewhere, and unfortunately, it’s usually into a city.

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