Eleven-Year-Old Gang Rape Victim Blamed for Crime

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At a Thursday night meeting to discuss concerns about a gang rape investigation has degraded into allegations that the eleven-year-old victim is to blame. Many who attended the meeting in Cleveland, Texas support the group of men charged with the crime.

More than 130 people attended the meeting led by Quanell X, a Houston activist in the black community, who insisted that his goal was not to “jump on an 11-year-old girl” but to question the police investigation. His concern centered around the fact that only young black men were arrested, and although he believes some charged are guilty, others are not.

After the meeting, Fox News reports that many people believe she had sex with the boys, but was not raped. They mentioned her manner of dress, and said she “must have lied about her age.”

Angie Woods, who grew up in Cleveland, doubts the claim also, saying she lied about her age. “Them boys didn’t rape her. She wanted this to happen. I’m not taking nobody’s side, but if she hadn’t put herself in that predicament, this would have never happened.”

Have people not progressed beyond the  “good ol’ boys” Neanderthal mentality in Cleveland? This is an eleven-year-old child. How can even the dullest knife in the drawer attempt to justify such a crime? Is their any state in the union that considers an 11-year-old within the age of consent? The citizens of Cleveland should make it clear to all that under no circumstances will they join in vilifying a child, especially a victim of the horrendous crime of gang rape.

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