Elfin Ears are Latest Cosmetic Surgery Craze Among Young Adults (Video)

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Elfin ears surgery have become a strange craze for some eccentric people. The desire by some to have their ears peaked in an elf-ish way has become so popular that Good Morning America even discussed it.


Apparently, science fiction and supernatural fans are flocking to get their own elfin ears. Seriously, it’s not a painless procedure which just goes to prove that some people will suffer for what they love. The process “involves slitting open the cartilage at the top of the ears and sewing them back together to create a point.”

The man behind the elfin ears epidemic is three dimensional artist, Steve Haworth. For the procedure, Steve is not allowed to use an anesthetic because he’s not a real doctor. So, customers have to literally suffer through having their cartilage slit open. What a major OUCH!

Are you interested in getting your own pair of elfin ears? Haworth will do both ears for $600.

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