Elisabeth Sladen Dies; Best Known As ‘Doctor Who’s’ Sarah Jane Smith

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Elisabeth Sladen, beloved by millions for her role as Sarah Jane Smith on the Doctor Who television series, has died. She was 63 years old and apparently lost her life to cancer.

Her death was first announced on Twitter, as so often happens these days. Thanks to death hoaxes being so common, the story was first met with incredulity. But the sources of the reports could not be denied for long.

elisabeth sladen,elisabeth sladen dies,elisabeth sladen died,sarah jane smith,doctor who companion diesFellow “Doctor Who” actress Nicola Bryant was among the first to announce Elisabeth Sladen’s passing. Then the official Doctor Who News Twitter account chimed in. And the late actress’ name swept to the top of the trending topics as Digital Spy confirmed the unfortunate news.

Sarah Jane Smith has long been one of the most-loved companions on the Doctor Who series. She was one of the first female companions the Doctor had, who was as competent as he in her fields of expertise while still being human. If you ever saw Jon Pertwee’s turn as the Doctor, you saw her.

Elisabeth Sladen herself was beloved because of her personality and openness to fans. Sarah Jane was so popular that she was the first companion from the original run of the series to appear on the new Doctor Who. She even got to express her love for him, which had millions of fans crying for joy.

Sladen also appeared in a spin-off, “Sarah Jane Adventures,” which was targeted at a younger audience and dealt with aliens visiting Earth for good or evil intentions. She was perfect for it with her warm and strong personality.

Elisabeth Sladen’s death has hit Doctor Who fandom deep in its heart. She was a good actress and a fine human being. She will be deeply missed, and that isn’t mere fluff speak.

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