Elisabetta Canalis’ PETA Ad: Will Naked Ad Tempt Ex George Clooney?

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Elisabetta Canalis’ PETA ad became fodder for gossip as she appeared naked with the ad campaign “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” Obviously Canalis agreed with the campaign as she did choose to go naked!

Even though Elisabetta’s PETA ad covers up her private parts, the Italian model still looks extremely hot. Why did Canalis decide to go naked in the ad? She mentioned that when she was a child she saw a riveting documentary about “animals being killed for fur.”

Even though, Elisabetta was just a small child, she decided that she would never wear fur. Canalis emphatically stated, “I was a little girl but by that moment I thought that I would never, never, never, wear fur in my life.” Good for her!

Canalis recently had a difficult break up with George Clooney. She explained that she is using Dancing with the Stars as a way to not think about her raging emotions involved in the break up of her long relationship with Clooney.

Canalis stated, “Throwing myself into my work is the only way I can cope, it distracts me from all emotions.” Does the model sound as if she is still very much in love with Clooney. After all the break up is still fresh in her mind being it just occurred in June of this year. Is it possible that Canalis decided to do the naked PETA ad to tempt Clooney?

Wonder what Cooney thinks of Canalis’ PETA ad? Is the hunky actor rethinking the break up with hot Canalis? He must be! Who wouldn’t?

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