Elise Testone Confesses about ‘American Idol’ to Ellen DeGeneres

Since Elise Testone is now out of the American Idol running, this strong singer is making the talk show rounds. On Thursday, the 28-year-old artist from Charleston, South Carolina, took a seat next to Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show.

Before she showed up and after DeGeneres announced her, the host showed a clip of Testone while she was voted off the FOX show. Then she arrived from around the corner wearing a big smile and a little black dress trimmed with lots of fringe.

Before they enjoyed any interchange, Ellen told her she is “insanely talented.” Then, after that, the discussion included a bit of chatter about Elise and Phillip Phillips possibly being a couple, which Testone negated, though, pointing to a seven-year age difference and the fact that she is just his really good friend and a big fan of his music.

Elise also jokingly told Ellen that she is going to go back to American Idol and win. Then Testone went further and said she will continue on to become President of the United States after meeting former President Bill Clinton back stage at the Ellen Show, during which time Clinton gave her some great tips. Apparently, this is a talented singer who likes to take a light approach when it comes to interviews.

After the two women were finished talking, the American Idol cast-off sang a cover of Lady Gaga’s You and I, really hitting hard the lyrics, “something, something about this place” with Elise Testone’s distinctive gritty sound.

Indeed, this top American Idol contestant who will go on tour with the rest of the AI posse this summer is missed on the TV talent show but was warmly welcomed by Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday. Did you happen to catch the show? Was Elise appealing to you or a bit too much on the frivolous side? Thoughts?

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