Elise Testone Slams American Idol After Exit

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Elise Testone was voted off American Idol on Thursday and now news has come out that this semi-finalist on the TV talent show was less than gracious. In fact, she has been called “cocky,” putting her in the same league as Colton Dixon, who was sent packing the week before Elise.

So what did Testone say?

According to OK! magazine via Dirty Laundry, this gritty singer who didn’t become the American Idol for 2012 said the judges of the competition were “not helpful one bit.”

Well, that’s not the primary job of the AI judges, now is it? These three professionals, including Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, are there to tell it like it is and help pick a winner. And by a winner that means not only someone who is an incredible talent but who also has finesse and is classy and can carry the title with honor.

Elise Testone is a person who doesn’t smile, she is arrogant at times, and who tends to rest on her laurels since in her 28 years she has had some success in the music business. But she went on American Idol so she must be angling for a better position within her chosen field, don’t you think?

Shame on her. By following in the footsteps of Colton Dixon and leaving on a sour note just because she didn’t make it to the next round of the competition, this New Jersey native showed her true colors. Do you wonder what will happen when Elise Testone goes on tour with American Idol this summer? Does anyone smell cat fight? Thoughts? Thanks.

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