Elissa Slater of ‘Big Brother 15′ Teaches Nick Uhas Yoga Moves: Houseguests Reunite for YKYT Effort

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Fans of Elissa Slater from Big Brother 15 surely got quite the kick out of fellow houseguest Nick Uhas’ latest Instagram post. Uhas has been traveling the country putting together his “YouKnowYouTube” project, and it seems his latest stop was to do some yoga with Slater.

Uhas posted a photo montage on his Instagram page showing his attempt to follow Elissa’s yoga moves. He wrote, “@elissercise whooped me into shape!! #ykyt.” Fellow Big Brother 15 houseguest Judd Daugherty even piped in commenting, “your [sic] gonna be sore! Her workouts are legit!” 

Fans of Big Brother 15 get a kick out of many of the houseguests getting along and having fun now that the show is over. One person who still isn’t much of an Elissa fan apparently? Aaryn Gries, who got pretty snarky in a couple of tweets regarding Slater on Tuesday. 

Where will Nick Uhas pop up next? That much isn’t known, but he’s certainly kept busy so far. As for Elissa Slater, it seems she’s mostly been focusing on her website, her family and her fans. Those fans are definitely anxious to see the finished product of what Elissa and Nick did this week, but for now they will have to be patient and stay tuned.

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