Elizabeth Escalona Arrested for Brutal Child Abuse

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Elizabeth Escalona faces some pretty steep punishment, especially if her daughter dies after the horrific abuse she endured. It seems that this bad parent should have been an abortion statistic instead of a living, subhuman child abuser.

Sources report that Elizabeth Escalona allegedly abused her child so brutally, that the young girl could suffer permanent brain damage. This is a truly tragic event that could’ve been avoided had someone intervened earlier. Now a child could possibly die, or at the least suffer from brain damage! What a sick world it is, when people who witness the signs of abuse turn blind eyes to the suffering of children.

Anyway, it’s reported that the mother of the accused child abuser received a call from her frantic daughter. Escalona was upset because her 2-year-old daughter was unresponsive. When Escalona’s mother, the child’s grandmother, arrived to the scene, what she saw was horrifying. The young girl was badly bruised and had obviously endured a torturous beating. Just as Elizabeth Escalona had said on the phone, she was unresponsive. The grandmother took the child to the emergency room, where she is still in critical condition.

According to sources, Elizabeth Escalona had been torturing and abusing her 2-year-old daughter for quite some time. Her abuse was a form of punishment for the child using the bathroom in her pants on accident. Escalona allegedly glued the young child’s hands flat to the wall in their home, which forced the child to eventually tear away several layers of skin from the palms of her hands.

Escalona also allegedly beat the child in the gut with a gallon of milk, beat her with shoes and a belt, and then dragged the little girl around the apartment by her feet. The child suffered broken legs, broken ribs, and a concussion. The police say that people have come forward and admitted to witnessing Elizabeth Escalona abuse her child in the past. Shame on them for never intervening!


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