Elizabeth Hurley ‘Bored’ with Divorce Rumors

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Elizabeth Hurley is fed up with rumors of an impending divorce between her and her billionaire husband, Arun Nayar. Actually, the actress says she’s “bored.” Elizabeth took to Twitter to dispel rumors about her, her husband and Shane Warne.

Despite tweeting on Dec. 12 that she and Arun Nayar had been separated for a few months, Hurley once again took to Twitter to say there was no divorce… yet. She also sort of addressed rumors of an affair with cricketer Shane Warne. The actress was supposedly planning on moving to Australia to be closer to her “home wrecking” boy toy.

On Dec. 16, Elizabeth tweeted: “Bored now of silly speculations: no one is divorcing anyone yet, no one is fighting over money & I have no plans to go to Australia. Enough!”

Yup, itÂ’s easy to see how someone could go bonkers with so many rumors surrounding oneÂ’s separation. Hopefully, Hurley and Arun Nayar will be able to work out their problems privately. In the end, itÂ’s really no oneÂ’s business whether or not Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne are having an affair. There are only three people such a thing concerns and those three people donÂ’t include the public!


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