Elizabeth Hurley Desires Romance Again with Ex Hugh Grant! Love Reunited?

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Elizabeth Hurley desires to hook up again with old flame, Hugh Grant. Guess the short-lived fling between Hurley and Shane Warne, the Australian Cricket champion, is over and done with. Now keep in mind, Hurley is still working through her recent, pending divorce from husband Arun Nayar.

Elizabeth sure moves quickly through relationships. NayarÂ’s bed is still warm from where Hurley slept in it. Yet, she moved quickly onto Warne. Now, she is pining away to reunite with Grant. Her relationships sound manic, as she loves them and leaves them.

As for her relationship with Shane Warne, Elizabeth Hurley explained that the couple remains “very good friends.” Undoubtedly, friendship is not what the Cricket champ was looking for with Hurley.

The actress admits that she and Hugh Grant are still just friends. Hurley stated, “If all else fails, we’ll end up living together like Darby and Joan.” The term “Darby and Joan” means a couple who lives in a platonic and quite boring existence together forever.

Hurley explained her relationship with Grant right now, “We are currently taking cooking, Italian and guitar lessons, and argue ferociously over who is more ahead in cooking, slightly less cack-handed at the guitar but grudgingly agree his Italian is a whisper better.”

If Hurley and Grant get along so famously, then they should marry. Friends make extraordinary couples. Hold the phone! Maybe the actress canÂ’t get past the fact that Grant cheated on her with a prostitute back in 1995, when the actor was arrested for lewd conduct. The media ate their lunch.

The couple weathered the storm together, but separated five years later; however, they have remained quite good friends. Grant is even the godfather of Elizabeth HurleyÂ’s son, Damian. Do you think that Hurley and Grant will hook up romantically again, or will they remain platonic friends like Darby and Joan?

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