Elizabeth Olsen – Twins’ sister will star in new Indie Film

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Elizabeth Olsen, the sister of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, is set to star in a brand new indie drama.  The 21-year-old sister is not heard of much, but just got her name in the entertainment news just recently.  She’s quite the entrepreneur as she’s even put out her own line of special shoes for vegans.  However, she’s also focused on her acting career, while her sisters seem to have disappeared from the movie scene.

NEW YORK - AUGUST 16: Actress Elizabeth Olsen attends a screening of 'Mao's Last Dancer' at the Crosby Street Hotel on August 16, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

According to Reuters, the third Olsen, Elizabeth will be starring in “Martha Marcy May Marlene.”  The new film will be an indie drama about a young woman living with her older sister after escaping a cult.  Hugh Dancy, Brady Corbet and Sarah Paulson will also star in this film from Borderline Films.

Elizabeth Olsen has also recently worked on “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding” which includes familiar names like Chase Crawford and Jane Fonda in the cast.  Apparently, Elizabeth was in several of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s straight-to-DVD movies when she was very young.  So she’s had her acting work since being young but seems to have been living in the shadow of her older sisters.  In addition to acting, Elizabeth has founded OlsenHaus Pure Vegan which offers a fashionable line of footwear for those engaged in the Vegan lifestyle.  Not bad for 21-years-old, seems to be away from that partying life her sisters were so often said to be engaged in.

Did you know that a third Olsen sister even existed?

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