Elizabeth Taylor Cheated Death 53 Years and One Day Before She Died

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Actress Elizabeth Taylor has cheated death 53 years and one day before her actual passing.

Elizabeth Taylor lived a long, beautiful life, but it might not have been that way had she made the decision to board a flight 53 years ago.

The National Velvet actress can thank her lucky stars for a simple cold that kept her grounded and off of an ill-fated plane trip. The date of the life-changing incident was March 22, 1958. Liz was just a tender 26 years old at the time and was set to join her third husband movie producer Mike Todd on the Lucky Liz for a trip bound for NY. Unfortunately, at the time, Liz was ill with a cold and was convinced by Todd not to fly while she was under the weather. This one small decision extended her life by 53 years and one day.

The Lucky Liz wasn’t so lucky on it’s last trip that day for the plane crashed and Todd as well as three others on board all died. Had Liz flown that day and joined them it’s likely that she, too, would have died.

The irony of it all is that it was a little over 53 years to the day when she passed on. It makes you want to stop and think about all the moments in time that could have changed your life for the worst and to be thankful that they didn’t. It also makes you be thankful for the borrowed time you were able to enjoy.

Had Liz perished in that flight along with the others, the world would have been deprived of much of her best works. May she rest in peace.

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