Elizabeth Taylor: Death Certificate List Multiple Causes

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Elizabeth Taylor’s death certificate showed a multitude of ailments as factors why she died. Congestive heart failure was thought to be the main cause of death of the “Cleopatra” star, but there were more possible contributing causes.

When Liz Taylor died yesterday, the initial cause of her death was listed as congestive heart failure. No doubt this was based on the hospital’s preliminary findings.

However, a death certificate possibly resulting from a post-mortem, listed several causes. It is often the case that people are found to have other underlying conditions not yet diagnosed. However, they become apparent upon closer examination, often when it’s too late to intervene.

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor’s death certificate lists the time of death as 1:28 p.m. at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. It also lists her as a divorced, white female in the entertainment business. Her parents, Sara and Francis Taylor, are also listed.

As for the cause of death on Elizabeth Taylor’s death certificate, it lists three things. The first is cardiopulmonary arrest (suffered for 5 minutes). Next listed is congestive heart failure (suffered for 5 years).

And finally, COPD (suffered for 10 years) was listed as a cause of death. Pneumonia was listed as an “other” factor that she was being treated for.

Judging from Elizabeth Taylor’s death certificate, the Hollywood screen icon was suffering from a multiplicity of ailments all that had an impact on her quality of life she experienced in her final years of life.

She was largely confined to a wheel chair, but she never gave up on life, despite her health drawbacks. She was laid to rest today at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California. Her funeral was small, private, and minus the typical Hollywood procession.

View a copy of E.Taylor’s death certificate, here.

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