Elizabeth Taylor Eyes: Were They Really Violet?

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Elizabeth Taylor was well known for her beauty. Her striking eyes were one of the most stunning things about her looks. What color were her lovely eyes? Were they really violet?

In the wake of her death, many people want another look at Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes. Film critic Todd McCarthy once wrote, “What should abruptly stop me in my tracks, but a pair of eyes unlike I’ve ever beheld, before or since; deep violet eyes of a sort withheld from ordinary mortals that were suddenly looking up into mine from mere inches away.”

Another film critic named David Stratton wrote, “I was ushered into her presence at the official reception and found myself transfixed by her famous violet eyes. I have never seen eyes of that color before or since, and I don’t believe cinemagoers were able to appreciate how remarkable they were.”

According to written eyewitness accounts, Elizabeth Taylor really did have violet eyes which were framed by an amazing double row of eyelashes. These type of purple eyes are quite rare.

Do you envy the Elizabeth Taylor eyes? Have you ever known anyone who had such beautiful eyes? Were her eyes, perhaps, one of the secrets to her amazing success and beauty?

Elizabeth Taylor Eyes: Were They Really Violet?

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