Elizabeth Taylor Had Two Sets of Eyelashes

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Elizabeth Taylor actually had two sets of eyelashes. The “Cleopatra” star always caused quite a stir with her beautiful and unique violet eyes. Now, more details about the recently departed beauty’s unusual peepers are being revealed.

The rumors were true. Elizabeth Taylor not only had violet eyes, but an extra row of eyelashes to frame them. It just doesn’t seem fair, does it ladies? Taylor, who sadly died last week, was said to have suffered from distichiasis, although the rarity only added to her amazing good looks.

File:Elizabeth Taylor in Father of the Bride trailer.JPGHowever, some startling news about the genetic mutation has come out. According to the Huffington Post, Taylor’s jaw dropping eyes may have lead to death.

Believe it or not, 7 percent of people who have been diagnosed with distichiasis, or two sets of eyelashes, also suffered from congenital heart disease, the same affliction Elizabeth died from.

While fans will never know whether or not the two conditions were linked in Liz’s case, she will forever and always be considered the stunning beauty with the unforgettable eyes. Do you think Elizabeth Taylor’s double set of eyelashes could have been linked with her death?

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