Elizabeth Taylor Nude Photo a Fake?

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Is the circulated nude photo of Elizabeth Taylor a fake? Chatter is blasting around the internet that the nude photo of Liz Taylor, that was given to her third husband, Mike Todd, as an engagement present, isn’t real.Elizabeth Taylor trailer

The photo is swirling around the ‘net and many sources are claiming it is Liz Taylor. The fact of the matter is that the photo looks much like a popular picture of Lee Evans, with Liz’s face superimposed on it. Check out this article, which goes in depth about the photo and even proves that it’s not real by showing the artists’ webpage and the “original photo.”

While it’s hard to deny Liz Taylor’s face, it’s easy to see that the photo is a fake. The next question is, are people trying to create a scandal, or did Liz Taylor pull one over on Todd? Many people are passing around the nude photo, claiming that it’s Taylor, but once you do some research, you’ll realize that it’s not (her body).

Either way, do you think the photo should have been released to the public?

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