Elizabeth Warren: In Debt from Campaign and Now to Serve on Banking Committee

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Elizabeth Warren is reaching out to her supporters for even more money after finding herself in debt from her campaign (despite raising 42 million dollars—more than any other congressional candidate in America). She will also likely be serving on the Banking Committee, which “gives her influence over regulators and the industry.”

Warren, who has been labeled a “Socialist” by both New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Ron Paul, wrote in an email to supporters, “One of the results of our embarrassment of riches was, well, I’ll come out and say it—we ended up with a little bit of debt.” Then, she did what Socialists do best: She asked for more money.

Boston.com reported that during the campaign, her opponent Senator Scott Brown implied that Warren views “tax increases as a panacea for all the country’s ills” and that she “lacked discipline when it came to the expenditure side of a financial ledger.” It shows.

Although it is not yet official, Bloomberg reports that Warren will most likely have a spot on the Banking Committee. Elizabeth Warren made her name by “defending the little guy from the greedy clutches of Wall Street…,” as reported by the Atlantic Wire, and “will finally have the chance to grill the country’s top bankers face-to-face.”

The same Ms. Warren who got to play with the biggest campaign purse in the country and could not manage to stay out of debt is now begging for money. Is she the most responsible choice to hold others “accountable” with banking regulations? She is not even a fan of the free market!

Watch a viral video of Ms. Warren discussing her (inaccurate) perception of how the recession started:

Image Source: RushLimbaugh.com

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