Ellen DeGeneres: Do Not Bring Howard Stern to American Idol OR I am Outta Here! Next in Line Conan O’Brien?

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Howard Stern to replace Simon on American Idol!?!  Not if Ellen has anything to say about it.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports if Howard gets the job Ellen says she is quitting.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  Ellen’s comments have infuriated Howard Stern.  Of course, he addressed the issue on his radio show saying, “Ellen DeGeneres is a phony.  It’s about her.  And really Simon is about the musicians, the singers.  But the other thing is, let’s be honest, Ellen is a completely dishonest performer.”

Howard’s beef is this…say what you want about him but he has never stood in the way of anyone getting a job.  Stern claims this is exactly what Ellen is doing to him.  Ruining his chance at making $100 million for 4 months of work!  Boo-hoo.

Ellen is not the only one on the anti-Howard bandwagon.   The Parents Television Council wants FOX to denounce the rumor they would ever hire Stern calling him, “The most profane, sexually explicit and anti-family performer in the history of the broadcast medium.” 

This will surely only fuel Stern’s want to be on American Idol.  He does not shy away from a battle.

BUT he may have some serious competition.  There are rumblings of Conan replacing Simon.  Others (more suitable others) rumored to be considered for Simon’s chair include Oscar-winning actor-singer Jamie Foxx, as well as music executives Tommy Mottola, Guy Oseary and Jimmy Iovine. But FOX and the show’s producers have not announced a replacement for the acerbic British judge.

Um…let’s the games begin!  Perhaps…the tables should turn and America should put these potential judges on the stage and JUDGE them!  Who will be the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL JUDGE…text your vote to…


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