Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney Controversy: One Million Moms “Moves On”

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Most Americans have heard of the Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney controversy that One Millions Moms created. The special interest group’s effort was to have the comedian removed from the ranks of spokesperson for the department store due to her sexuality.

According to The Advocate, the group has moved on from concentrating on Ellen Degeneres’ newly appointed role. Monica Cole, director of the One Million Moms organization, claims to “have heard back from so many of our members” who say “they will no longer shop there … as long as Ellen DeGeneres is their spokesperson.”

The group One Millions Moms, may just have had their own agenda and are trying to gain publicity from this ridiculous stunt. Why else would anyone have an issue with who promotes a department store?

If you missed it, this group who claim to be family-based, did not like that Ellen was gay. Gasp! Gay? Yes, Ellen is even married in the state of California to another woman who is equally succesful, Portia de Rossi! The unfortunate thing is that in 29 states in the United State of America, a person an be fired for being gay. Ridiculous right?

Graduation 2009Clearly JC Penney does not care if the department store loses the business of hateful people in this country. The Ellen DeGeneres JC Penny controversy drew so much attention that even Ellen herself fired back. Her haters are indeed her “motivators”—because she is still sucessful in her role as spokesperson.

Looks like the orgnaization that calls themselves “One Million Moms” is smaller than they think. One would wonder what these “Moms” teach their children? Do they teach a child it is okay to hate another because of differences? Maybe the group should consider a new name, “One Million Bigots”, at least it would be straightforward.

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