Elliott gave himself a hair cut!

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My husband is working 13 hour shifts right now (530 pm- 630 am).  Last night, right before bedtime, my toddler was putting away his crayons and stuff and found some scissors that had somehow been placed in the wrong drawer.  While he was putting his stuff away, I was in the bathroom.  I heard him get quiet all of a sudden, so I called for him, he came into the bathroom where I was standing with an arm load of clothes, and held something out to me.  IT was a chunk of HAIR.  Not only did he manage to get a hold of these scissors, he also managed to cut a clump of his hair, and a clump of his dog's hair in the few seconds that it took me to get his sheets out of the dryer!  So suddenly, I had a haircut to deal with, and no one to help me out.  My son cries and screams most of the time when I cut his hair, so I always need help to keep flailing hands out of the way.  I knew I was on my own, though, because there was no way I was going to leave his hair down over one ear, and cut to the top of the other one.

I got the scissors away from him, and put them back in the locking drawer that he can't get into (yet!).  Then I got out the hair scissors and took him upstairs.  His hair was pretty long, because as I stated previously, he absolutely hates haircuts!  He hadn't had one since January or so.  It covered most of his ears, and his bangs fall about half an inch from his eyebrows.  I was really lucky that all he cut was a chunk over one ear, so I didn't have to give him a whole new cut.

Once we were upstairs, I got him to settle down for a few minutes at a time and look at a book.  I managed to get the hair to match pretty well on both sides.  It's now up over his ears, instead of covering the tops like I like it, but oh well.   I also managed to get the back trimmed up pretty well, because it had to be cut to blend in with the sides.  I didn't even touch the bangs, though.  That's the part he hates most, so I really need help with them.  I should have taken a picture of him with his own haircut, but I didn't think about using my cell phone then.  The digital camera was in the van (which was at work with my husband).  I haven't taken any pictures of his new haircut yet.  My husband was surprised at how well it turned out considering that he cut it himself.

By the time we got the haircut done, and ANOTHER bath (The third one yesterday) taken, it was almost 2 hours after his bedtime.

Have your kids ever cut their own hair?  Did they mess it up really bad?

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