Elusive Hope, by MaryLu Tyndall (A book review)

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Magnolia, dragged to Brazil by her parents, blamed for the loss of her parents’ wealth, was miserable in the new colony. Her parents had heard that Brazil had wealth and since she had beauty, they planned for her to marry a wealthy man. After all, she was indebted to them and her father continued to remind her as well as continuously chastise her for everything she did. He would remind her; she had no value, save for her looks.

Her desire to get back to the States eventually led her to run away, but was forced back to the colony.

The colony was located near an ancient temple—believed by most that ventured near as one of great evil.

This novel, a beautiful romance (safe for your children to read), full of adventure, pirates, snakes, possible demons and a man called Hayden is definitely a page turner.

The reader should know that even though this story comes to an end, there are questions unanswered, making one want to read the rest this wonderful series.

I won this autographed book in a contest held by Connie C. on Gather.com and then researched the author. She holds many contests through her blog at MaryLu Tyndall

You can find this book and many others she’s written at Amazon. Here’s the link to this one. Elusive Hope

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