Elvira Lists the Hottest Horror Movie Actresses: Who’s Missing?

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Elvira certainly knows her scream queens, so who better to list some of the best horror movie actresses just in time for Halloween? However, she did miss some lovely mistresses of the dark.

Her number twelve pick Asia Argento was perfect — in addition to starring in George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead, her father is the director of horror movies like the terrifying Technicolor witch flick Suspiria.

She chose another daughter of a horror movie legend for the number ten slot on her list — Jamie Lee Curtis definitely had no problem making a name for herself as a scream queen in the Halloween movies. Having a mother famous for starring in a horror movie might have helped her land the part, but Psycho star Janet Leigh didn’t land on the list.

Vampire vixen Satanico Pandemonium came in at number ten — Salma Hayek’s sexy stripper snake dance in From Dusk till Dawn has made many a man melt before completely horrifying them. However, Piranha 3-D star Kelly Brook is also one of the hottest horror movie actresses out there, and she’s got curves that could compete with Salma’s (unfortunately Elvira didn’t seem to think so).

ElviraNeve Campbell earned the eighth spot on the list for the Scream series, but manslayer Sarah Michelle Gellar, star of The Grudge and I Know What You Did Last Summer, is noticeably absent.

It’s hard to blame Elvira for giving Nastassja Kinski of the Cat People remake the seventh slot on the list, but feline femme fatale Simone Simon, the star of the original movie, has a pin-up girl quality that definitely makes her one of the hottest horror movie actresses of all time.

Alien star Sigourney Weaver earns the fifth spot, while fellow sci-fi queen Milla Jovovich doesn’t get any credit for being a badass babe in the Resident Evil movies.

And while it’s great that Elvira gave Barbara Steele the number one spot (the unique-looking actress deserves it for her vampire witch flick Black Sunday alone), she’s still missing some other great classic scream queens like Bride of Frankenstein stunner Elsa Lanchaster, and what about Plan 9 From Outer Space star Maila Nurmi, a.k.a. Vampira? (Well, that last one being left off might have had something to do with the fact that Vampira accused Elvira of stealing her shtick).

And while it might have been a terrible movie, it’s hard to argue that Megan Fox wasn’t one of the sexiest horror movie actresses ever in Jennifer’s Body.

So what are some of the hottest horror movie actresses you think deserved a spot on Elvira’s list? You can find the full thirteen here on Entertainment Weekly, so check them out and start planning your Halloween movie rentals A.S.A.P.

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