Emerson's Foe (Repost)

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I originally submitted this in November 2007 and only had one reader (Thank you Heather). Since I've been on here for a while now, I thought maybe it would get a little more recognition than the first time. This is one of my more imaginative poems so I kind of like it. If your wondering if I like all my poems the answer is no, not really.

Emerson's Foe
(To be sung quietly among friends)

Yes, it appears we have them all
The hanging gardens and Taj Mahal
Glorious wonders and the seven seas
But somebody tell me if you please,

Where does the trail of never-ending taillights,
Of man and mechanization ever cease?
They've spotted my horizon and polluted my thoughts
Driven me to madness with foul history and holocaust

Tread on me while I abhor the stars of Hollywood boulevard
We can never turn back so it doesn't matter anymore
Sucking dinosaur bones from the deep to fuel our desires
We lie in wait for our unexpected demise by a funeral pyre, so surprised

Lord I need a drink; the Scottish in me needs to think, one more time
I remember when I had a dream and the day seemed everlasting
Kerouac, on the road, flying headlong into reality for the first time
The black serpent slithered deep down into everywhere and forever

Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh, when did you leave and where did you go?
Isn't there anyone here you can recommend to make it clear what beauty is again?
Please Mr. Wilde, can you tame this bastard child to once more take a stand?
We are lost inside this timeless mindset of ill destiny and other blasphemes.

As Emerson rolls silently where he sleeps.

Wade A

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