Emily Maynard ‘Bachelorette’ Preview Released

Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette is going to air in a couple of weeks and ABC has finally released a preview of the upcoming show. From guys treating Em like a princess to a surprise visit from someone who arrives in a helicopter (is it Brad Womack? Bentley Williams?), the new season will not disappoint.
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It has already been somewhat of a long road for Maynard, who thought she had found something amazing with former fiancé Brad Womack on The Bachelor. After a shocking break-up, Emily thought long and hard before deciding to try to find love again on national television. Much to the surprise of many, she is giving it a go and her fans can’t hardly wait to watch as Emily Maynard takes the helm.

The beautiful blonde mother of one is hard not to like. So many of her fans are hoping that she find love—real love—this time and that she lives happily ever after. Will you be tuning in on May 14?

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