Emily Maynard: Bachelorette Shares Public Thanks for Daughter Ricki’s Party!

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Emily Maynard is trying to give her daughter Ricki a “normal” life. While millions of people are glued to the last episodes of Emily’s stint as “The Bachelorette,” Maynard is thanking those people who are helping her with everyday sorts of things in her day-to-day life.

One of those things was Emily Maynard’s daughter’s recent birthday party. Emily took to Twitter on Wednesday to give a little shout out to someone who helped her make her daughter’s special day great! Emily tweeted, “Thank you so much @andersruff for giving Ricki a bday party she’s STILL talking about!”

Anders Ruff is a self-described graphic designer who does creative details for parties. Of course, the party for Ricki looked like a ton of fun for a little girl who adores everything that was pink. From the cupcakes to the pink tent, Anders gave Emily Maynard a really wonderful event. From the look of things, Maynard gave Ruff the best compliment that she could, posting photos of her work and giving her a huge public “thank you,” right in the middle of having an enormous amount of attention focussed on her. Good for Emily!

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