Emily Maynard bummed Bentley didn’t apologize to Ashley!

Former Bachelor winner Emily Maynard was bummed that Bentley didn’t show up to the Men Tell All special to apologize to Ashley Hebert. She has been following this season very closely (and doing a video blog on each episode!), so her opinion of last night’s special is pretty important.
“What did everyone think of the Men Tell All? I know I said I didn’t really love William but I changed my mind. He seemed genuinely sorry! Bummed Bentley wasn’t there to at least apologize to Ashley,” she wrote on Facebook.

Emily is absolutely right and she shared the same feelings as so many other fans. Bentley looks like even more of an idiot because he didn’t return to the show and face the music. If you’re going to be a villain at least follow through and don’t wimp out! Even if he didn’t apologize to Ashley, he still should have shown up! What do you think?

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