Emily Maynard Cashed-In Despite Jef Holm Break-up

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With Emily Maynard and Jef Holm calling it quits and breaking off their engagement, it makes fans wonder if the Bachelorette did the right thing. Clearly, she could have married in the Holm’s wealthy family if she had followed through on the engagement. The thing is, Maynard isn’t exactly headed to the poor house.

According to at least one report, Emily’s net worth is an eye-popping $5 million (not quite the Holm empire). Yep, that’s right! Even though Maynard reportedly got paid a quick $250,000 for her appearance on the reality television dating show, she isn’t exactly going to go broke anytime soon.

Instead, the single mother-of-one (daughter Ricki) is living pretty comfortably, despite breaking things off with Jef Holm. The only real question now is, since this “net worth” number has been made public, will Emily Maynard be able to be even more guarded when it comes to potential suitors looking to win her heart?

Not only does she have to protect Ricki, but she also is a television “celebrity” who has had her estimated net-worth disclosed. Hopefully, she will be careful not to let someone in who is just trying to take advantage of her money or fame.

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