Emily Maynard Has a Tooth Fairy Mishap

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Poor Emily Maynard had to deal with a bit of a problem this weekend. She shared on Twitter what happened at her house with the Tooth Fairy. This is a hilarious situation that all parents can understand.

Emily went to Twitter saying: “Ricki lost a tooth last night and I had no cash to put under her pillow so I took $ out of her piggy bank. Not my proudest mommy moment.” Every parent has probably had a moment where they had to run to the ATM or search for cash. Emily is a single mom so she couldn’t leave the house and had to figure out the best way to do it.

Emily did respond to a fan saying: “ I think the guilt was worse than anything! Never thought I’d owe my 7 year old money!” It sounds like she plans to pay Ricki back the money she had to take from her.

Are you shocked to hear that Emily Maynard had to take money out of Ricki’s piggy bank? Sound off in the comments below.

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