Emily Maynard Looks Great in Hat With No Makeup On

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Emily Maynard usually looks drop dead gorgeous. When she was on The Bachelorette, she always had her makeup perfect and her hair done. On Monday, Emily shared a picture with her fans where she is dressed down and still looks amazing. Many stars are afraid to share pictures of themselves like this, but Emily doesn’t seem bothered at all.

Wet Paint posted the picture for fans to see. Emily has on a hat, flannel shirt, and no make up at all, but she is wearing a gorgeous smile. In this picture, her daughter Ricki is wearing a cheerleading uniform and looking adorable.

Here is what Emily Maynard had to say along with the picture: “How can the @carolinapanthers not win with this girl cheering for them next week??” Ricki does make a very cute cheerleader in this picture.

Fans can assume that Jef Holm will be with her watching Ricki as a cheerleader. He has been very involved in her life and is even helping coach her soccer team helping them win a game recently.

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