Emily Maynard Shares What Church She Attends With Fans

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Emily Maynard shares a lot with her fans. The star of The Bachelorette posts on Twitter often. This morning she wanted to share with fans about her great time at church, but then after maybe shared a bit too much. Sometimes it appears she forgets everyone can see what she says.

Emily went to Twitter saying: “Nothing makes my heart happier than going to church and feeling He’s speaking directly to me. My cup runneth over.” It sounds like the message really spoke to her and she enjoyed her time at church.

After that a fan asked her what church she attends in Charlotte. She went on to say: ” @codieJoAnna I go to Central Church of God.” It might not be Emily’s smartest move to let fans know where she attends church. She does have some crazy fans out there that might just make the trip to try to get a glimpse of her or talk to her about how she should be with Jef Holm again.

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