Emily Maynard’s ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Revealed

Emily Maynard is well on her way to finding love and with her season of The Bachelorette set to air in two weeks on ABC, her top 25 men have finally been revealed!

The guys range from a mushroom File:Rosa 'Mme Caroline Testout'.jpgfarmer from Columbia to a corporate sales director from Illinois, and there definitely looks like there is some good potential for Emily. The best-looking guys are Ryan from Georgia and Joe from Florida but other than them, no one is really a head-turner which is a little surprising. Generally, there are a ton of good-looking contestants but this season doesn’t look too impressive. Emily is stunning and it’s hard to picture her with anyone less than a handsome GQ type, but she really needs to find someone who is attractive on the inside. That’s more important for her at this point. Maybe these guys just took bad pictures…

ABC has been trying to keep this season under wraps but so far a lot of details have leaked so far. If you can keep away from the spoilers, this season is sure to please and Emily Maynard fans can’t hardly wait. Who do you like from Emily’s top 25?

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