Eminem Becomes Most “Liked” Person in Facebook History: Why?

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Eminem has officially become the most “liked” person in Facebook history, having attained over 60 million of the website’s “likes”. With the rapper not exactly being the most fan-friendly or the warmest, most inviting celebrity, the question on some minds now is, Why?

With celebrity athletes like David Beckham having roughly a third of the popularity on Facebook that the veritable Marshall Mathers has, and with Michael Jackson himself less popular, one has to wonder exactly what it is that fans can’t help but adore. In fact, not only is he the most popular person, but he’s also amongst the five most popular things “liked” on Facebook in general, including Facebook itself!

EMINEM rappingWhat do you think it is about Eminem that lends to such an adoring fan base? He has long been known for saying exactly what he’s thinking – and to the offense of many – using the most colorful language available. Certainly his nonchalant attitude appeals to some – he frequently uses any number of phrases to make clear he doesn’t care if you like him – but it hardly speaks for his likability!

What do you think? Are you a fan?

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