Eminem died in car crash, according to net rumors

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Back on Christmas day vicious rumor spreaders decided to cook up the hoax that Eminem died in a car accident.  The 2010 Eminem died rumors are now starting up, and many fans seek to find the truth about their favorite rap star, Mr. Marshall Mathers aka “Slim Shady”.

As of this post, Eminem is not dead and continues to make hit music.  He’s currently selling a re-released version of his Relapse album called “Relapse: Refill” which was doing well on the charts.

Eminem’s “8 Mile” co-star Brittany Murphy sadly passed away in late 2009, which may have prompted someone to misread a news story about it where Eminem was mentioned.  Or perhaps just some person with too much time on their hands put together some fake news to amuse themself.

So the fact of the matter is Eminem never died, and he continues to make hit music.  Be careful what you read on the internet these days and never let Twitter tweets, Facebook status updates or suspicious news articles take the place of official news and press releases!

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