Eminem prefers a nice double-standard in Anderson Cooper interview

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World-famous rapper Eminem has an odd sense of values. For his art, he wants to cuss like a sailor, encourage violence, and be a big part of the modern “gangsta” hip-hop crowd. But when he’s at home, no cursing is allowed.

US Magazine is reporting that during an interview with Anderson Cooper, for an interview due to air this coming Sunday on 60 Minutes, Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) has concerns about how his language might impact his own daughters.


Is Eminem being genuine in his concern over his language? Or is he simply dishonest as an artist?

We Dads will certainly agree that our behaviors have a direct impact on our offspring. We want what’s good for our kids. Who wouldn’t? But is Eminem considering his impact on young boys who listen to his art? Soon enough, his daughters will be out in that cold, cruel world, meeting those boys, who grew up influenced by his music, and his image.


Sorry Eminem. Parents are everywhere.

Sure, Marshall. You’re right to tell others to be the parents they need to be. And if any parents are letting their kids listen to you, before their little brains can tell the difference between truth and fiction, well maybe they do fail in their responsibilities. But, were the parents themselves not inclined to enjoy your music, would you make any money?


Is Eminem even trying to be honest as either a parent, or an artist?

Eminem’s objective is to perform music his fans enjoy. It’s his job. To then turn and decry those very fans for doing what he hopes they’ll do – buying his music – well, that just seems a bit disingenuous, even dishonest on his part. Is he being dishonest as a parent, or is he dishonest as a performer? Whichever he is, Eminem can’t argue from both sides of the same fence. His talent and popularity be damned.

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