Eminem Recovery tracklist – new album arrives 6/22!

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The seventh major-label release from rapper Eminem will be his new album “Recovery”. It’s a recovery for the rapper from the previous style on “Relapse” which at times featured all songs using the same strange accent and the rapper taking usual jabs at celebs including Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey. The new project has a few tracks that surfaced so far, including the lead single “Not Afraid” which blew up on the charts. Another song, “Won’t Back Down” featuring Pink has hit online to mixed reaction due to its pop-rock style.

Eminem Recovery album download leak news

Now it’s being reported that an Eminem Recovery album leak has occurred via torrent download sites and other websites. Some sites are using the leak to get surfers to complete surveys in order to pay their bills, while torrents tend to carry a risk for viruses or other malware on a user’s computer.

Eminem Recovery album tracklist:

1. Cold Wind Blows
2. Talkin’ 2 Myself Feat. Kobe
3. On Fire
4. Won’t Back Down Feat. P!nk
5. W.t.p.
6. Going Through Changes
7. Not Afraid
8. Seduction
9. No Love Feat. Lil Wayne
10. Space Bound
11. Cinderella Man
12. 25 To Life
13. So Bad
14. Almost Famous
15. Love The Way You Lie Feat. Rihanna
16. You’re Never Over

So if you go after the Eminem Recovery album download leak or torrents do so at your own risk. These can be potentially harmful to your computer and I wouldn’t recommend them. Might as well wait two more weeks and get the official album online.

Below you can watch the official music video for “Not Afraid” featuring Eminem going through a heroic soul-searching “Recovery”. Recovery is what people are hoping for right about now, not just from the rap star, but for the economy, jobs, the environment and so much more. Eminem has a lot riding on this new project and we can only hope he delivers!

Eminem’s Recovery album is officially available as of June 22, 2010.

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