Eminem Representin’ Chrysler in a Super Bowl Commercial

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So, any Super Bowl Commercial fans out there? Anyone catch the commercial with Eminem driving around Detroit, cruisin’ in the new Chrysler 200?

Personally, I did not watch the Super Bowl at all haha, we did go to a Super Bowl party, but didn’t watch any of the game, just caught some of the commercials.

Justin was actually watching very intently for the Kia commercial; they were offering the chance to win a new 2011 Kia Optima if you could complete a game with questions based off things happening in the commercial shown during the game.

As for me, I happened to catch the Chrysler commercial with Eminem in starring in it. Honestly, I’m not sure if it was the best way to sell the new Chrysler 200, but it definitely got Detroit’s name out there. It was a pretty cool commercial though, in my opinion.

As for the new Chrysler 200, if you go to Chrysler’s website, it is a pretty sweet car. Just a small down grade from the Chrysler 300, and just starting a little above $19K I believe.

But, I was just wondering if you guys caught it or not :) Seeing as I live in Michigan, gotta support the “Big 3.”

What commercials did you guys see that you liked? Or how was the half time show? (didn’t catch that either haha)

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