Eminem Reveals 3 Yr Drug Habit That Could’ve Costed Him His Career

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Rapper Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, 36, has revealed that during a failed attempt at rehab, he relapsed and struggled with a drug problem for 3 years, identifying his choice of album titles, “Relapse.”

In case you missed a recent report of EminemÂ’s feature in the June issue of hip hop magazine XXL, the rapper Eminem opened up about the drug problem that could have costed the rap star his career.

“I wasn’t ready mentally,” stated Em who hadn’t wrote rhymes in his 3 year drug stint. “I wasn’t ready to give up the drugs. I didn’t really think I had a problem,” Em added.

Detailing his lengthy struggle after relapsing Eminem continues, “I went in, and I came out. I relapsed, and I spent the next three years struggling with it.”

Though back with a new album, Eminem has shown that you can overcome a drug problem but he reveals that the drug problem could have ended his career if not for his choice to change and take time away from the “spotlight.”

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