Emma Roberts Stuns in a See-Through Blouse

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Even Emma Roberts has some bad girl moments. The daughter of Eric and niece of Hollywood icon Julia was snapped prancing around Thursday in a blouse so shear her bra could be seen a half a mile away.

What would her aunt Julia think about all this? Is the young starlet taking style tips from Miley Cyrus now?

In fairness, the 21-year-old actress looked demure by Hollywood standards, but the photos are pretty revealing. Her black bra is showing right through one of the flimsiest t-shirts you’ll ever see, and she doesn’t seem to mind at all. This is definitely not a see-through malfunction, and she knows her outfit will garner attention from the paparazzi.

Roberts father, Eric, can’t complain about his daughter’s sexy sartorial style, though. Compared to his drug-fueled shenanigans, her sexy outfit is pretty tame.

Apparently, Roberts was running errands in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills when the photos were shot. You can view them here.

File:Emma Roberts 2011. 3.jpg

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